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Paragard IUD Lawsuit Lawyers

A surgical conglomerate chose to place profits over the lives of countless women throughout the United States. Our Paragard lawyers at Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers want to hold them accountable.

You tried to do the right thing; you carefully reviewed your birth control options and chose one that felt right for you. After all, Paragard’s commercial said it was made from “a single active ingredient—copper” and only required maintenance every 10 years.

You got the implant and moved on with your life, and it almost seemed too good to be true. Then, your experience changed. Perhaps you learned about the dangers of Paragard when you wanted to remove your intrauterine device (IUD), started experiencing health problems, or lost the life of a family member.

Paragard failed you.

You do not have to be alone during this very devastating and personal moment. Get legal advice from our firm to hold the negligent company accountable. The Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyers at Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers will fight for an award that covers medical expenses, lost wages, mental anguish, and more if you suffer from Paragard IUD injuries.

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A Free Evaluation is an opportunity for you to discuss your injuries with a Paragard IUD lawsuit attorney at no cost or obligation. We have recovered $1 Billion in total client settlements. Now, our legal team wants to put the power of strategic counsel behind your case, too.

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The Truth About Paragard’s IUD Birth Control Implant

Paragard IUDs have been on the market for more than three decades, but they are gaining media and legal attention over hundreds of lawsuits alleging that the manufacturer, CooperSurgical, Inc., failed to adequately warn users or healthcare providers about the possibility of device breakage. Many women have suffered life-threatening injuries due to Paragard IUDs that disintegrated during removal or otherwise malfunctioned.

Are you or a loved one dealing with Paragard IUD injuries? Here are 5 facts that a Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyer thinks may help you understand your legal situation better:

Fact #1. The Manufacturer Still Claims the Device Is Safe and Effective

If you visit Paragard IUD’s website, you will find that they make Paragard sound like a dream come true:

Source:, 2022

They claim it is hormone-free and more than 99 percent effective. However, evidence from many women coming forward with horror stories of injuries suggests that these claims may be misleading. Victims also believe that the manufacturer is withholding critical information about genuine safety concerns.

Fact #2. Paragard Is the Only Available Copper IUD on the Market

Source:, 2022

The Paragard IUD is the only one made of copper. Copper acts as a potent spermicide, preventing sperm from reaching the egg and also altering the uterine lining, reducing the likelihood of implantation. While studies show that copper is effective, it is more likely to result in the device being ejected, which is extremely dangerous and can result in injury.

You should speak with a Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyer ASAP if you have experienced health complications associated with copper.

Fact #3. There are Severe Health Risks Associated with Paragard’s IUD

Our Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyers have seen some severe health complications associated with the device. Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Anemia?
  • Embedment?
  • Endometriosis?
  • Expulsion?
  • Life-threatening infections?
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)?
  • Perforation?
  • Pseudotumor Cerebri (PTC)?

If so, you are among hundreds—if not thousands—of women injured at the hands of greedy pharmacological and surgical companies each year. They should not be able to get away with their actions, and the law is inclined to agree. If you suffer from a severe Paragard IUD health risk, you deserve an award, plain and simple.

Fact #4. Hundreds of Women Are Suing Paragard Across the Country

Paragard IUD injury victims have started seeking compensation throughout the United States. These lawsuits are being filed in a variety of different states. In Texas, where the Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyers at Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers represent clients, we have seen many devastating instances of injuries associated with their use.

Fact #5. Compensation Is Available When You Prove Negligence

Being harmed by a contraceptive can be devastating at emotional, physical, and financial levels. You deserve a fair and full insurance settlement or civil court award if you developed complications from the Paragard IUD that resulted in surgery or otherwise harmed your health.

The Paragard IUD lawsuit attorneys at Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers can assist you in determining your legal options and moving forward in the pursuit of justice at no upfront cost to you.

Do You Think a Paragard IUD Injured You or a Family Member?

If so, health should be your number one priority. No exceptions. Start by scheduling an appointment with your physician or heading to an emergency room for more severe symptoms.

Untreated Paragard IUD complications could be life-threatening. It is critical to restate this one simple recommendation: if you are experiencing adverse health outcomes and have or had a Paragard IUD device implanted, seek medical attention immediately.

The doctor will have a much better idea of what is causing your symptoms. You do not have to tell them that you will sue if your conditions are Paragard-related. At this point, you are just trying to figure out if you have a condition that Paragard could cause.

Get a Free Case Evaluation After Your Diagnosis

If a doctor determines that you or a loved one suffer from injuries, Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers wants to help. Our Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyers currently represent women with the compassion and formidability they deserve. We welcome you to contact us for a Free Case Evaluation at 713-665-1100.

There is no obligation to make this call, but we hope you take us up on our offer. If we believe you have a case, YOU decide how to proceed. Our legal services are provided on a contingency fee basis, which means there are no up-front costs.

You May Have an Actionable Paragard IUD Case

The term actionable is really a fancy legal way of saying a case “holds water.” It is critical to remember that each situation is unique, and its laws are complex. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all answer, and it will be necessary to examine the specifics of your situation to determine whether you have a valid case.

However, we want to give you a “peek” behind the curtain; details that determine the actionability of your case include:

  • Warnings about the device’s dangers
  • Recalls or alerts issued by the manufacturer
  • Requirement for hospitalization or surgical removal of the device
  • Complications that may have occurred during the device’s removal
  • Justification for using this device instead of others


It gets pretty extensive, so many women are hiring Paragard lawyers. Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers takes a candid and caring approach to investigating claims on behalf of our clients. We will handle the legal complexities while you focus on your physical health.

You Will Not Be the Only One Suing Paragard

The severe side effects and complications associated with the Paragard IUD are also widespread, affecting thousands of patients who underwent the procedure. CooperSurgical, Inc. and Teva Pharmaceuticals are both manufacturers of Paragard and are preparing to be named as defendants in many lawsuits. However, these widespread cases have been condensed into Georgia’s Paragard multidistrict litigation (MDL).

These lawsuits are being brought on behalf of individuals whom the insertion of a Paragard IUD has injured. If you believe your Paragard IUD has harmed you, please get in touch with the Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyers at Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers immediately to learn more about filing a Paragard IUD lawsuit.

Is the Paragard IUD Being Recalled?

No, the Paragard IUD is not being recalled. Paragard has not been recalled due to breakage nor in the recent past. The device is still available on the market today. According to an archived FDA report, Teva Pharmaceuticals recalled two device lots in 2014 due to a “lack of assurance of sterility.”

Is a Class Action Possible?

Currently, there are no pending class action lawsuits relating to Paragard injuries. Instead, attorneys are bringing lawsuits on behalf of those harmed by the device individually. While these cases have been consolidated in a single MDL in Georgia, each plaintiff retains their own attorney, and each case continues separately.

Not all cases in an MDL proceed to trial. Rather, lawyers select cases for “bellwether trials.” The outcome of these trials provides both parties with an indication of the case’s value and serves as the basis for any potential settlements. Your Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyer can help you understand if this affects your situation and what to expect.

What Are the Settlement Amounts in the Paragard Lawsuit?

There have been no scheduled trials or settlements thus far, meaning that it is challenging to estimate how much the average case is worth. However, Paragard is not the first IUD to face litigation.

Bayer AG faced allegations that its Mirena IUD perforated internal organs and migrated through the body. In 2018, the company offered $12.2 million to settle 4,600 claims, if that gives you any idea.

Heed the Warnings Against Paragard’s IUD

Injuries have been reported as a result of using the Paragard IUD. Side effects are common following device insertion, including prolonged menstrual flow, pain and cramping, and menstrual spotting. The Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyers at Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers have heard about some of the worst cases.

However, news outlets report that the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has received almost 40,000 reports outlining the negative reactions to the Paragard IUD over the last 30 years. There are over 15,700 serious health complications and at least 15 women who have died due to these allegations. In 2019, the agency received 7,265 reports.

Among the serious risks associated with this device are the following:

  • Damage to the cervix or uterus
  • Hysterectomy or organ removal
  • Inflammation caused by IUD copper
  • Movement or migration of IUD device
  • Paragard IUD breakage
  • Paragard IUD embedded inside the uterus
  • Paragard IUD expulsion
  • Scarring or perforation of the uterine wall


Copper is more likely to cause device expulsion in these IUDs than other ones. According to a 2020 study published by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 10.2% of women who received a Paragard IUD experienced the device moving out of place or even falling out, compared to 4.6% of women who received a Mirena IUD.

That’s almost 225% higher!

While there is always some risk associated with medical devices, these numbers are staggering. Speak with a Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyer at Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers as soon as possible to learn more about your legal options and next steps.

The Law Protects Your Right to Compensation

Federal and state laws protect your legal right to a settlement or civil award when someone else negligently injures you, including businesses. The amount of compensation that you may be able to recover will depend on the specifics of your situation. However, your Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyer will review the facts of your case to determine

Awards that Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers has recovered on behalf of past clients include:

  • Award #1. Medical Expenses: Medical expenses can include emergency room visits, prescription drug costs, hospital stays, doctor’s appointments, surgery costs, ultrasounds, physical therapy, and future medical bills.

  • Award #2. Lost Wages: Lost wages are those that you had to forgo due to medical care. Your Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyer will fight to recover them, including lost benefits and future lost earning capacity.

  • Award #3. Pain and Suffering: Pain and suffering compensates you for the physical pain you endured over the injury and subsequent treatments. These damages are challenging to estimate and negotiate.

  • Award #4. Mental Anguish: Mental anguish damages are those that you suffered emotionally, intellectually, and mentally. Depression, PTSD, lost enjoyment of life, and more are all examples of recoveries that Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers has made for clients.

  • Award #5. Loss of Consortium: If the Paragard IUD injury harmed a person’s relationship with their spouse or partner, these damages may be used to compensate for the loss of companionship, affection, and support.

  • Award #6. Punitive Damages: Punitive damages are designed to “punish” the negligent party for gross negligence. However, in the case of Paragard IUD injuries, product liability cases are ringing throughout the country, which could signify gross negligence.


Victims of defective medical devices may be eligible for various types of compensation. Without a Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyer, your case could result in you accepting less money than you deserve.

Once you sign on the dotted line and release the negligent party from all claims, that’s it. There is no going back and asking for more money if you realize that your injuries are worse than initially estimated. Incidental and long-term healthcare costs, separately or together, are unbelievably expensive.

Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers will not let a medical company get away with causing your negligent injuries. We will put up the fight of your life so that you can heal and become as “whole” as possible.

It Is NOT “Just About the Money”

Yes, we have discussed the financial aspects of your situation extensively. That’s part of a Paragard lawyer’s job. We are there to drive as much value to your case as legally possible.

However, there is more than money at stake.

You send a much LARGER message by holding negligent medical companies accountable: it is never okay to put women’s safety below profitability. Your case could help save the lives of other women.

Turn to a Legal Team Committed to Your Justice

Every morning, we walk through our office doors with a sincere desire and commitment to protecting our clients. At Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers, it almost feels like a calling. That’s why we take your experience and satisfaction so seriously.

The Paragard lawyers at Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers deliver on the following commitments:

  • Commitment #1. Navigate the legal system on your behalf
  • Commitment #2. Fight for all compensation owed
  • Commitment #3. Hold all of those responsible accountable
  • Commitment #4. Preserve all available evidence that tells your story
  • Commitment #5. Represent you throughout the entire process
  • Commitment #6. Keep you aware of new developments at every point
  • Commitment #7. Work with medical providers to get you better


If you were harmed by Paragard’s IUD, you were likely unaware of the possible risk. Failing to make you aware of this risk may look negligent in the court’s eyes. As such, you could collect compensation for your losses if this applies to your situation.

However, these cases are challenging to prove without the help of a Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyer. Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers knows how to apply the law and navigate civil procedure to position your case in a favorable light.

Deadlines Apply to Your Paragard IUD Lawsuit

There is a civil deadline known as the statute of limitations, of which you should be aware. This deadline prescribes how much time you have to file a lawsuit. It also varies according to the state in which you live.

The Paragard lawyers at Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers is based out of Bellaire, Texas, so when we represent clients here, the following deadlines apply:

  • Deadline 1. Medical malpractice: 2 years from the date of your injury or the date you should have reasonably discovered your injury
  • Deadline 2. Product liability: 2 years from the date of your injury or the date you should have reasonably discovered your injury
  • Deadline 3. Wrongful death: 2 years from the date of your family member’s death


While 2 years is the “magic number” to remember, you should not wait until the last minute to file your claim. The sooner you do it, the better. Evidence degrades, and memories fade, making it much harder to prove your case.

A Paragard IUD lawsuit lawyer ensures that your case does not miss a single beat while keeping everything else on track.

What Happens If You Miss the Statute of Limitations Entirely?

If you miss the statute of limitations, you no longer have the right to file a claim. Essentially, the corporation that harmed you is getting away with it based on a legal technicality. Even if you try to file a claim or civil court petition, the insurance company will deny it, or the civil court will dismiss your case.

The only way around the statute of limitations is if egregious circumstances physically prevented you from doing so, which has time limits. For example, if you were in a coma and missed the deadline by 10 days. Otherwise, there is no other recourse once you miss it.

Our Paragard Lawyers Are Ready to Fight

A Paragard IUD attorney can be a lifesaver. If you’re struggling to come to terms with the harm you have suffered due to a Paragard IUD, Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers can provide invaluable advice and services to assist you in moving forward.

Paragard may have failed you, but it is time to fight back.

Do not undervalue your claim or the assistance that a Paragard lawyer can provide. Product liability and medical malpractice cases can be devastating, even more so if you are already facing mounting medical costs due to your Paragard IUD. However, we want to put your mind at ease by letting you know that we are in your corner.

Call Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers Now

If you want to learn more about your legal rights and options, give Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers a call now, regardless of what stage you are at in your medical treatment. We have collected over $1 billion on behalf of our clients, which speaks to how passionate we are about winning. Call 713-665-1100 for a Free Evaluation or through our online contact form.

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