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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney


5 Questions You Should Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

Did you know that more than 4 million people are injured at work every year in the U.S. alone? Equally startling, millions of people are injured in car accidents around the world each year.

Life-changing personal injuries happen every day and can have significant health and financial consequences. This is why it is essential to hire a talented personal injury attorney.

The truth of the matter is that your personal injury lawyer can make or break your case. There are vital questions you should ask in the consultation process before hiring an attorney. Continue to read to learn more.

1. What is the Personal Injury Attorney’s Experience?

One of the most important questions to ask an attorney candidate is to elaborate on their prior experience. Of course, attorneys have client confidentiality agreements to adhere to, but candidates should be able to touch on their expertise.

Remember that consultations are similar to an interview for both parties involved. As an attorney determines if you are an attractive client, you are trying to decide if the attorney is right for your case. Attorneys will try to sell their services and will be happy to provide factual evidence regarding their past successes.

When discussing the candidate’s experience, make sure you ask the attorney about his or her experience in handling similar cases to yours. Personal injury is diverse. You may have been injured in a vehicle accident, on the job, or even in an act of violence.

If an attorney has dealt with similar cases and has victories on his or her resume, you can feel more relaxed and confident in the hiring process.

2. Will My Case Be Difficult to Win?

Another critical question to ask attorney candidates is to evaluate your case and determine how easy or challenging it will be to win damages.

Attorneys are well-trained professionals and they are knowledgable about what to expect in the legal process. They can discuss potential outcomes with you in detail.

Some attorney candidates may feel more confident about your case than others. When determining an attorney, you want to hire a candidate who is honest with you about expectations but will be aggressive and fight for you.

3. What Does Your Legal Approach Look Like?

When hiring an attorney, it is important to get a glimpse into their legal approach. During your initial consultation, ask the candidate about how they would handle your case and what their strategy would be.

Some of the most attractive attorneys are those who think outside the box. More importantly, they are persistent and persuasive. These lawyers are excellent communicators who can convey why you deserve the damages you desire.

As you discuss the attorney’s legal approach, ask them about what they will need from you.

Will there be multiple interviews? Do you have to provide any records or documentation? What is your role in their legal process?

While all attorneys are certified and trained, some may have vastly different legal approaches. It is essential to find an attorney that you are comfortable with and someone you would like to collaborate with.

An attorney’s legal approach can be what decides the case. This is why it is imperative to select wisely.

4. What Does Your Fee Structure Look Like?

One of the inevitable aspects of hiring a personal injury lawyer is compensation. As challenging as it may be to discuss, be sure to ask an attorney candidate about his or her fee structure during your initial consultation.

You may find an attorney that seems to be a perfect fit, but his or her fees are too expensive for your budget. Fortunately, many personal injury attorneys offer a contingency fee arrangement.

You can think of a contingency fee as a percentage of the damages you earn. Most attorneys will charge 32-40% of your total earnings. Yes, this is quite expensive!

One benefit to this arrangement is that if you do not win, you are not required to pay the attorney. Additionally, you will not have to pay fees out of pocket.

Once you and your attorney agree on a fee structure, ensure there is a written agreement as proof.

5. What are the Next Steps Forward?

Once you decide on a personal injury attorney, ask him or her what the next steps are to move forward in the process. Before going to trial or talking with an insurance company, there will be considerable preparation.

Ask your attorney if you can talk to family or friends about the case and about who should or should not know about the case. Additionally, ask your attorney what you should do to help in the preparation process. Are there any documents you need to receive or fill out?

The legal process can be long and challenging. With a talented and skilled attorney by your side, you can better navigate the process and understand what is expected of you.

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If you or a loved one have experienced a personal injury, do not wait. Start the legal process today and earn the damages you desire and deserve.

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