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How Medical Injury Lawyers Can Help You Receive Fair Compensation


How Medical Injury Lawyers Can Help You Receive Fair Compensation

medical injury lawyers

Imagine waking up from surgery to find that you’re in worse shape than before. Dealing with medical malpractice is a terrifying reality for many people, and it often has lasting consequences. To complicate things further, medical malpractice lawsuits are time-consuming and complex.

Medical injury lawyers can maximize your chance of getting the compensation you deserve. However, not everybody understands the benefits of working with a medical injury attorney.

We’ve written a guide that outlines some of the most notable and details how to find the right medical injury attorney for your needs. Let’s explore what you should know.

Build a Strong Case

A reputable lawyer will ensure that you build the strongest possible case. They’ll work diligently to gather evidence and demonstrate how the other party was at fault.

Key evidence often includes medical records and witness testimonies. For instance, a nurse who was present in the room during the procedure could testify in court that a surgeon made egregious oversights. Without an attorney on your side, you simply wouldn’t be able to leverage information like this.

Insurance Company Negotiation

Insurance companies will always go out of their way to avoid paying. Although frustrating, this is a simple fact of life.

Some insurance companies act in bad faith, as well. This refers to situations where they intentionally deceive other parties to avoid making payouts.

This activity is illegal, and your attorney will quickly recognize it. Even if the insurance company operates by the book, your lawyer can negotiate with them to establish terms in your favor. It’s important to note that the initial settlement offer you receive will be lower than what the company is willing to actually settle for.

To clarify, let’s assume an insurance company offers you $10,000 as compensation for a major rotator cuff injury that occurred during surgery. The insurance company is likely willing to settle for over $100,000. If you didn’t have an experienced attorney, you could miss out on substantially more money.

Preparing for Trial

Many malpractice claims are resolved through negotiation. However, there’s always a chance that the case will proceed to trial.

In these situations, your attorney will develop a comprehensive strategy and advocate for the maximum compensation. Only hire attorneys who have courtroom experience.

No matter how many settlements they’ve helped achieve, someone without experience in the courtroom could fold under pressure and cause you to lose your case.

Offering Guidance and Support

Dealing with malpractice injuries is often difficult. It’s not uncommon for them to result in trauma or debilitation.

Your attorney will offer much-needed support while your case develops. They can provide actionable advice and direct you to resources that can help you.

They’ve likely dealt with hundreds or even thousands of clients just like you, so they’re sure to understand your situation.

Protecting Your Rights

Reputable attorneys have a deep understanding of industry regulations, legal developments, and medical malpractice laws. Having expert insight like this can ensure you avoid mistakes you would have otherwise made. Keep this information in mind so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Finding a Lawyer

As previously mentioned, it’s imperative to find the right lawyer. There are key attributes to keep an eye out for during your search. Listed below are some of the most notable.


How experienced are they in this area of law? Many attorneys advertise themselves as being able to help with medical injuries. However, this doesn’t mean they specialize in this type of case.

The longer an attorney has been around, the better. This will ensure they understand your case’s nuances and can provide the best results.

It’s worth investigating their success rate, as well. Attorneys who have won many settlements in their clients’ favor will typically showcase this information on their website.


You often get what you pay for regarding legal services. It’s recommended to avoid the cheapest options you encounter. However, this doesn’t mean you need to hire the most expensive lawyers.

Somewhere in the middle of the price range is likely suitable. Some attorneys charge flat fees, while others charge by the hour.

It’s also not uncommon for attorneys to charge on a contingency basis. This means you don’t pay anything upfront and the attorney takes their compensation out of the money you win.

If you don’t win your case, you don’t have to pay anything. As you might assume, it’s best to find lawyers who work on a contingency basis for medical malpractice cases.


Never work with attorneys who aren’t easy to get in touch with. Being left in the dark during your case is often highly frustrating.

It’s best to establish when you can expect to hear from them. They might provide weekly updates, for example. Keep in mind that some attorneys offer additional levels of communication at a greater cost.

To clarify, they might respond to emails and text messages outside of business hours. They often do so for an additional fee, though.


Complex issues often require creative solutions. Prioritize attorneys who are willing to use unconventional strategies if the need arises.

For example, they could consider evidence that other attorneys might overlook. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions to assess how creative they are.


Do they seem enthusiastic about your case? You can’t expect to get the results you want if they aren’t interested in helping you succeed. This is one of the most important attributes to consider, so don’t neglect it.

It’s typically easy to discern how committed an attorney is to helping you. They’ll show genuine concern for your situation if they plan on giving your case their full attention.

Never Overlook Medical Injury Lawyers

Medical injury lawyers will be your most powerful resource when dealing with a malpractice case. Take your time when searching for one, as the person you work with will dictate whether you succeed. From here, you can get the compensation you deserve and get your life back on track.

At Heard Merman Accident & Injury Trial Lawyers, our professional teams strive to exceed each of our client’s expectations. We pride ourselves on being experts, and our lawyers are both locally and nationally recognized for their excellence. Book a free consultation today to learn more about how we can handle your case.

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