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7 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Oil Field Accidents


7 Reasons to Hire an Attorney for Oil Field Accidents

oil field accidents

Oil production is at an all-time high. The EIA expects that the US will produce about 13 million barrels of oil per day in early 2024.

While this is good news for the economy, it also increases the likelihood of fatal and nonfatal oil field accidents. If you recently have been involved in such an incident, hiring an attorney can get injured parties the compensation they’re due. Read on to learn some reasons you should make finding a lawyer a top priority.

1. It’s a Unique Legal Subset

Oil field accidents are unlike any other incident. They often cause extremely severe injuries due to unique industry-specific equipment.

The drills and rigs are dangerous to work with and aren’t found in other industries. People also must work at extreme heights, which makes them more susceptible to detrimental falls.

Oil production also has a high risk of fire compared to other markets. People work with toxic chemicals and substances that can cause explosions. In many cases, these chemicals can also cause serious injury or illness when inhaled or touched.

You need an oil-accident-specific attorney because they’ll have a professional understanding of the unique field hazards. They’ll have an easier time understanding what happens. This means you’ll have a stronger case and higher-quality representation while communicating with someone who understands terms and hazards.

2. Oil Field Accidents Come in Many Forms

There are many possible causes of oil field accidents. Attorneys will research the equipment and locations involved in the accident to determine the probable cause. Some things they will look into include:

  • Potentially defective tools
  • Poor equipment maintenance / broken equipment
  • Faulty or misused protective gear
  • Insufficient training of rig employees
  • A lack of good emergency protocols

Seasoned lawyers can accurately determine whether there were any of these issues. There’s no room for legal error in a personal injury case. Those who specialize in oil field accidents can assess whether or not equipment and training meet industry standards the right way.

3. You Can Get Damage for Losses

As with any type of tort case, an attorney will help you gain financial compensation for any losses after oil field injuries. This ensures that you don’t lose any money because of an injury that a third party could have prevented.

Some common damages that a lawyer can recover include:

  • Compensation for medical bills
  • Lost wages because of recovery time
  • Lost earning potential
  • Temporary or permanent disability that stops you from working or requires long-term therapy or treatment
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering compensation

If you are the loved one of someone who died in an oil field accident, you also may be able to get wrongful death compensation. This is especially true if you rely on that person’s income to sustain your livelihood.

It’s important that you do your research and hire a high-quality attorney. This will get you the highest possible compensation. After all, better lawyers can negotiate more effectively for the best possible outcome.

4. Contingency Fees Make Lawyers Affordable

Many people choose not to hire an attorney because they believe that it will be too expensive. This is always a bad choice since you’ll get more compensation than you would spend on a lawyer. However, when the attorney you hire works on contingency, it’s even more affordable.

This is because contingency fees pay a percentage of your winnings to the lawyer. You don’t pay anything out of pocket if you don’t get any compensation. You also will never be forced to pay more than you win, which consistently makes the legal representation worth the cost.

Plus, lawyers operating on contingency make more when you make more. They’ll have financial motivation to do their absolute best work on your case.

5. Attorneys Can Conduct Thorough Research

A lawyer is the only person who knows how to deal with the complexities of oil field accident legalities. They’re also the only people who understand how to research accidents and determine what constitutes fair compensation.

Part of this is collecting important evidence that proves fault. Beyond examining the accident site and involved equipment, this means taking eyewitness accounts from other oil rig employees. It also means watching security camera footage when available and assessing the situation objectively.

To maximize your compensation, attorneys will gain access to files quickly and efficiently. While it may take months for a hospital to send you medical records, a lawyer can quickly gain access to these files within days. They can also speed up the process of gathering pay stubs, therapy bills, and more.

6. Quality Is in Your Control

You’re in complete control over the quality of your hired attorney. Courts won’t assign you random representation, which means that you can decide exactly who will be advocating for you.

You’ll have the freedom to select someone who has experience representing those with oil field injuries. You can ensure that they have high success rates in cases similar to yours.

Reading client reviews is a surefire way to know what you’re getting into. You can also meet with someone from the law firm you’re considering during a free consultation. A consultation isn’t a commitment or a binding contract, but it can give you insight into whether or not a specific attorney is a good fit for your case. 

7. You’ll Have Constant Communication

Above all, a lawyer is someone who will keep you informed about the legal process. They can let you know which stage of negotiations you’re in. They’ll give you updated insight into what compensation they think you’re likely to get as well.

If you have any questions about the legal process, top-notch attorneys will always be there to answer. They also are outside the situation and can provide you with unbiased support and advice. When your emotions are understandably running high, an impartial lawyer can be your rock. 

Hire an Oil Field Injury Attorney Today

Now that you know why hiring a lawyer is essential after oil field accidents, it’s time to begin building a case. Heard Merman Trial Lawyers are committed to giving you top-notch legal representation so that you can get the compensation you deserve.

We’re excited to determine whether we’re a good fit for your needs. Request a no-obligation consultation to ask any lingering questions you have.

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